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Melinda's ABCs
just got back from having mexican at- Algusto. pretty good. i'm at my dad's for the weekend and the stepmom isnt here which id usually be glad about but the younger brother is still here and he makes everything a pain. plus i usually save up things throughout the week to talk with mon pere about but this week, well, it didnt work.

im contemplating showing him some humorous videos and whatnot that i know he'd like [as far as ive seen-and ive had 14 years of observation- we have the same sense of humor] but it might shatter the image he has of me where im on the more innocent/oblivious side. whatever.

wow. but anyhow, i'm going home tomorrow, and hopefully i'll be going shopping too. before i go though, dad's taking me to "little shop of horrors" which should be good. it's been a long time since i last saw it.

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i was inducted into the french honor society tonight. my name was "melissa" on the program. but luckily, not on my certificate.

oh, and i took a career aptitude test thing online today, and apparently i should be a orchestra conductor, tv producer, or i should make documentaries.

i'd like to make documentaries quite a bit. but on what subject?

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vernon sang to me today.. "you are so beautiful to me.." way off key. really cute. we danced too.

youth group was pretty cool. ryan pretended to have an april birthday in order to get 'happy birthday' sung to him. boo and eric and amanda all wanted to sit with me and i felt good. this week i've been reading my bible every night too, by the way. i'm proud of me.  the stories are even better if you read them yourself. no kidding. and the pastor, bump/josh, he colors his bible, with crayons. :] he says he carries crayons around with him like i do. and i like that <3

it was crazy hat night. eric won because he had 6 hats stacked on his head and on the top was a goofy hat, wearing a hat kicked to the side, as if goofy was thuggin' it. hah.

at dinner my little brother said "what the hell" it was a real trick to stifle my laughter.
 mom's intern leaves tomorrow. she brightens my day when i go into the office for books. im going to miss her. i got her flowers and a card but i still havent quite found the right words to say. 

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probably no, probably it's not worth me writing down but oh well.

the sleepover was really fun, even though the girly stuff the Word of Life students did with us [hair, makeup], i could have done better, oh well. it was fun just being with Mary [youth leader.. she's SO cool] and lauren and danielle and savanna together. i brought along my old bffer, katie, who has kinda been stuck in a rut and well, definately we've been drifting. in an attempt to boost her happiness level if but a smidge. i dont think it worked im sad to say. it's just like when i get her to youth group- she's excited to go but after 5 minutes she's quiet and gets less happy and acts sadder.

honestly it bothers me a lot, though i know since we were best friends, i shouldnt let it but she brings everything down all the time. it used to be she was just quiet and that was OK, but now instead she just sad. that's not okay. i'd drag her to these church functions and hang out with her more, to try and lift her up, but she doesnt want to change. that's what gets me upset with her.

So the sleepover was overall a success i think. all the speakers were really excellent at making their point and.. one almost made me a little emotional. they did, and i believe on accident they did this, stick the oldest lady there with us to talk about boys. not anything helpful.. just you sin you sin you sin you sin. but i didnt let her last little poor excuse for a lecture sour my view on the whole thing.

we left at 6 am. at 7 am we were in the car and i woke up to give morning phone calls to friends :] if i was awake why shouldnt they be?! ended up "good morning" messages though. quite amusing actually because when all us girls are sleep deprived we get really loopy. lol.

today. iunno i was at school. i made eye contact with him while i was all overr vernon talking and laughing and having a jolly ol' pre-lunch time. i texted, he texted back nothing significant and i think i have moved on to liking a kid in my youth group who liked me EARLIER this year, when he was a retard. he's less of a retard now but i think it's too late :/

besides that, i saw a worm being attacked by like 30 ants. i was too enthralled to save the worm. in retrospect, i really ought to have tried.

i'm going back to sleep now, i still havent caught up on sleep, so i havent been going to the gym. im getting to be a whale of a person, so i'm getting back there as soon as i'm not 10 hours behind on sleep anymore.

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tonight is the massive sleepover at Word of Life. i'm excited. everyone is supposed to bring mascara and lip gloss and stuff so i betcha it's going to be super girly, which is awesome every now and then, and trust me i am way overdue for some girly time :D

i'll come home saturday but that's the day i go to heather's yard sale and then Plato's Closet [yay for clothes]

so i might not update for a while.

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